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To choose Spyragen means choosing a technological innovation that takes clean energy from renewable sources, is low cost and in harmony with the environment.

Independence and energy production from renewable sources

The clientele that invest in Spyragen, choose to invest in the production of electricity, cutting costs and therefore reducing the burden of bills. All this without forgetting that it is green energy, clean, obtained from water.

Cost reduction due to self production of electricity.
Use of streams to produce energy.
Production and sale of clean energy .

Low installation costs

The technical solutions developed by the research and development of Spyragen lead to a substantial reduction of development costs and rapid return on investment for the user. The application is also convenient for small streams with low gradients (heads), thanks to the modular design of the Generator.

With an incentive campaign promoted at a European level and implemented by various national governments, using Spyragen also allows you to take advantage of significant economic contributions and obtain an income for the transfer of energy through the network.

Reduction of installation costs.
Rapid return on investment.
Exploitation of the incentives where provided.
Income through the sale of energy to the grid.

Auto-regulation and reduced maintenance

Through the application of an automatic system that operates with the different flow rates of the waterway, Spyragen eliminates any issues relating to changes in the flow of the river whilst maintaining constant efficiency of energy production.

The mechanical properties of the generator allow low maintenance and maximum reliability. Spyragen further provides the possibility of using a system with remote monitoring that verifies the operation of the plant at all times and promptly acts in case of failure.

System equipped with an automatic system which regulates the operation rate within the watercourse.
Remote monitoring.
No change in efficiency due to changes in flow.

Innovative Scope

Spyragen is innovative because it allows the production of clean energy using small heads of rivers and streams. Therefore application is possible in areas never previously exploited by Francis turbine, Kaplan and Pelton.

The mini hydroelectric generator therefore offers a new opportunity to exploit rivers for energy, proposing a scope ranging from small heads up to 0.5m to 10m, with flow rates of 0.5 m3 / sa 6 m3/sec.

Spyragen, thanks to the easy portability and modularity of its components, is also an ideal solution for providing electricity to remote areas, with a wide range of gradients and flow exploitable.

Reduced dimensions.
Application possible in areas never previously exploited.
Ideal solution for remote areas.

An ecological Turbine

Created as a system for producing energy from renewable sources, Spyragen is able to contribute to environmental policies by reducing pollution and CO2 emissions. Also, it does not destroy the natural beauty of the landscape due to its shape, size and design, and specific technical features allow Spyragen to preserve the acquatic system by means of a flow through system. Furthermore particular attention has been made to the noise reduction of the splashing water.

Oxygenation of the water.
Less pollution.
No impact on the natural beauty of the landscape.
Reduced noise.
Safeguard the flow of fish.

Easy installation

Thanks to a modular structure, Spyragen Generators are easy to transport and install. These features allow for a reduction in assembly time and a substantial reduction in the cost of commissioning the plant. The design standards allow fast adjustments necessary to adapt the system to different installation sites.<br /> <br /> System consists of modular components <br /> Reduced installation costs<br /> Reduction of time lost in setup<br /> Ease in managing the design and installation<br />

High Efficiency

The Spyragen project aims to maximise the efficiency of the system: specific technical features allow the reduction of losses due to leakage of water and those between the various components.

High efficiency mechanical and electrical components for a high energy performance of the machine, among the highest in its class.
Reduction of the losses due to leakage.