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What is it?

Spyragen consists of an Archimedes screw placed inside a specially made trough along the cascade.

The generator works in the opposite direction to that of a normal pump harnessing the potential energy of the waterfall where the machine is installed. The water moves the auger that is connected to a gearbox, which in turn drives a generator; the Generator produces electric current using the energy from the cascades.

The ongoing commitment to innovation led our research to identify new mechanical and electronic solutions, which maximise the energy efficiency.

The technology, based on dedicated electronics and a sophisticated reworking of the contours of a hydraulic auger, allowed the construction of a hydroelectric generator with an efficiency that is difficult to match. 


Producible Power Up to 300 kW
Energy Efficiency (Performance) 85% average
Dimensions Ø 2500mm, according to the scale
Length 2 ÷ 20m, in function of the head
Field of use Head H: 0,5 ÷ 10 m (for larger heads it is possible to use other augers within our series)
Flow rate Q: 0,5 ÷ 6m3/sec (for higher flow rates it is possible to use parallel augers)
Number of turns ~30 rpm
Angle ~25°
Material Carbon Steel