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Company Profile

Spyragen is an Italian company that manufacture mini hydro Generators, which can produce energy using the head (the vertical distance the water falls) present in rivers, canals and water outlets.

Spyragen offers the market an innovative technology applied to an antic component, the Archimedes screw, producing clean energy from water.
Our company is able to provide you with simple hydroelectric Generator that has a high economic performance and is compact allowing for use in rivers with low flow.

Founded on solid experience in the mechanical and electrical sectors, Spyragen is capable of ensuring reliability and able to supply customers with innovation and continuous assistance in all phases, from purchasing to planning and construction to commissioning.
Spyragen has a large production site, advanced machinery, skilled personnel and simulators to ensure quality research, production and development on all products offered.

Spyragen is aimed at companies, consortia and individuals that see an opportunity to obtain energy through an efficient technology, that is new, clean and in harmony with its surroundings.

Amongst the key targets are:

- Operators of water pipes and outlets
- Owners of land on which old disused watermills are installed
- Industrial plants that use large amounts of water
- Treatment plants
- Producers of renewable energy