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The services provided by Spyragen range from the manufacturing of a single hydraulic screw made on specific customer design to the design and supply complete turnkey installation of hydroelectric generator

Spyragen Activities:

  • Verification of licences and authorisation
    On Italian territory, Spyragen supports the customer in the preparation and submission of documentation necessary to obtain permits for the construction. At various stages of the project and at the request of the customer, Spyragen can provide the necessary technical documentation and check the completeness of the dossier required for the initiation of work and the proper and rapid execution of the project.
  • Verify the suitability of the installation site and a capabilities evaluation 
    The exact size of the head height and water flow is essential to not only the calculation of potential energy produced, but also to define the size of the Generator. Spyragen, upon request, will contact certified technicians in order to obtain the certainty of the data to ensure potential profitability at the request & documentation phase.
  • Design and supply of Turn-Key Generators
    Spyragen is able to deliver and manage all phases of construction of the plant ranging from design to installation, testing and turnkey delivery. Spyragen tests and simulates the system with dedicated software before proceeding with the detailed design, providing optimised solutions for each specific application.
  • The restoration and upgrading of existing plants
    Spyragen not only creates installations from scratch, but is the ideal partner for the repair and modernisation of old plants, either through the study of new solutions, both on the specific indications of the client and on customer's design, Spyragen is able to provide the augers in a wide range of sizes and materials to replace the worn ones. 
  • Aftersale assistance
    Through its technical structure, Spyragen as part of its aftersale service is able to assist the customer with any problems they may have, ensuring quick response times and that spare parts always available. Remote monitoring, when activated, helps to further reduce downtime in case of failure. 
  • Scheduled maintenance
    Spyragen propose specific scheduled maintenance programmes to ensure the customer maximum reliability and durability of the system.